Temple is a certified facilitator of TimeSlips, an improvisational storytelling technique created specifically for people with dementia related memory loss by Anne Bastings. TimeSlips aims to improve the well-being of elders by infusing creativity into care relationships and systems. Temple teaches workshops, introducing the process of TimeSlips and the foundational philosophy of the technique for care partners, artists, social workers and others interested in the field of dementia care and advocacy.


TimeSlips Workshop at Everyman Theater, photo by Brian Francoise

Temple is currently creating stories with a group of older adults at Springwell Senior Living Community. These stories will be the foundation of Come Shining, a performance installation, exploring the transformative process of the aging mind and spirit, celebrating the endurance of the imagination and the art of being together. Come Shining will premiere at Single Carrot Theatre in the spring of 2017.

The Marc Steiner Show: A panel discussion with Temple Crocker, Reverend Barry Kennard Hardgrove and Ursula Populoh