“The imagination has both shaped and been shaped by the spaces it passes through on two feet.”      –  Rebecca Solnit


We walk to sync the tempo of our minds with the tempo of our steps. We walk to reconnect to the landscape. We walk to be together and to celebrate the long practiced (and increasingly lost) art of wandering.

From Mountain to Water/June 7, 2014


We started our walk at 8AM. Our plan was to walk from the house in Mt. Washington to the waterside at Fells Point, a distance of about eight miles.  This is a trip we would usually make by car or light rail. We wanted to take the time to walk the distance between the neighborhoods in order to experience the city directly and intimately. We hoped to see the city with new eyes and to discover unfamiliar paths and places.


  • house of abolitionist Elisha Tyson
  • the view from the top of the new UB building
  • the Women’s Exchange

Slow Walking the Field/June 15, 2013, May 2015 

These walks were inspired by walking meditation practices and performance training methods that utilize very slow movement as a way to refine awareness of the body and cultivate attention and presence.

We (Sarah and Temple) met at the neighborhood soccer field at sunrise. To walk the length of the field at a regular pace would usually take about three or so minutes.  We walked the distance in forty-five minutes, slowing our steps in order to sense the rise and fall of each foot.

For our second walk Greg, Sarah and I returned to the field at twilight. Over the course of the walk we shared the field with a collection of birds, a fox and a deer.

We think of these walks as seasonal rituals, a way for us to mark and honor the cycling of time and weather. We will keep you posted on future plans for walking. We would love for you to walk with us.