Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 3.36.00 PMThere are a number of folks who make The Performing House happen. Temple shepherds  the project, yet she couldn’t do it (and wouldn’t want to) without the talents, hard work and insights of the others that make up the collection of artists. They are like the stars in her sky.

These folks are Christine Ferrera, Dan Hanrahan, Roberto Herrera, Jenette Isaacson, Benjamin King, Sarah Lloyd, Chas Marsh, Daniel Nelson, The Shade Family (Stephanie, Tom, Aarden and Kai), Juanita Rockwell and Greg Romero.

Most of us have backgrounds in the theatre arts with an emphasis in interdisciplinary and experimental work. There are musicians, video artists and writers among us, as well as soccer players, runners, bikers, yogis, gardeners, singers, bakers, teachers, translators and forestry workers.  Together we are many things. What we share is a commitment to collaboration and a love of performance making.