Stellar Cellar



Stellar Cellar is a journey through a woman’s unconscious, an evocation of Dionysus and a radio talk show about wine.  As the host samples each wine, the landscapes of her memories are conjured: funnel cake and dippin dots on the boardwalk, monks in Macedonia, the loss of her virginity in the back of a honda civic.


Call in questions from listeners, a carpet salesman from beyond the grave and an apocalyptic traffic and weather report move her further into the inner layers of her psyche. Until finally a fox and bear appear revealing the sorrows of the animals, while the shade of Emily Dickinson guides her into the outer contents of the spirit filled world.


Originally conceived and written by Chris Ferrera in collaboration with Dan Hanrahan and Temple Crocker, Stellar Cellar has been performed at the 14 Karat CabaretThe Crown, Vis Arts, Le Petit Salon and Church and Company Other primary collaborators include Daniel Friedman, Sarah Lloyd and Gregory Romero.