Give Back My Beast


Autumn comes. The light wanes and the days close in. Nostalgia is plentiful.

As we long for the sweetness of the golden past and fear the bitterness of the future, the animal spirits appear to share their secret tales, soothing our ills and revealing the goodness of the present.

Give Back My Beast is a production of the woofnova performance collective originally conceived by Temple Crocker and Daniel Nelson. Other artists include Sarah Lloyd, Chas Marsh and Jeremy Ayers. It began development in the summer of 2012 and excerpts of the work were presented at the 3rd Annual Le Petit Salon. The next phase of the production was an installation/performance presented at La Mama Galleria in NYC in December 2014.  Each phase of the project utilizes video shot in the summer of 2012, excerpts of Juan Ramon Jiminez’s beloved book Platero and I and The Wishing Bone Cycle, a collection of narrative poems from the Swampy Cree Indians, yet each phase differs greatly in construction and presentation.